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Social Media Advertising

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Social Media Advertising Campaigns

On social media, you have just seconds to stand out amongst a stream of status updates and, well… cat photos. Thanks to effective imagery and short, fast-loading video, you’ll be able to stand out and engage viewers; allowing them to connect with your brand.

The right audience on the right channel

Whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram, attention-grabbing images and short, shareable social media videos work. We’ll also define & build your audience appropriately – so that you only pay to serve-up content or advertising to those who matter most & are more likely to be interested in your offering in the first place.

If you have a customer or lead list of email addresses, we can also upload this into the advertising platform in order to target them while they use social media.

Retargeting campaigns

We can also re-target users (ie. users which see your ad but didn’t convert) with different messaging – such as sales offers or promotional codes.

Retargeting social media ads to mailing-list subscribers is also possible with our email & SMS marketing journeys. You can also segment these audiences, so that contacts who did perform a desired action are then removed from your advertising audience.

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