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Confetti Cannon Hire Brisbane

Looking to add something special to your theatre production, corporate event, product launch, birthday party, New Years Eve celebration or dance performance? Our confetti cannons are safe, reliable and – best of all – we have a range of confetti types and colours to choose from. They’re safe, easy-to-use and reliable.

So if you’re looking for confetti cannon hire in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place!

Why choose Big Budda Boom?

If you’re comparing us against other suppliers, don’t forget to consider the following…

  • We have public liability insurance for our staffed events
  • Our hire items are tested & tagged
  • We also have test & tag insurance
  • Our confetti cannons can be DMX controlled
  • Our cannons have a safety chain loop
  • We are based in Brisbane
  • We have heaps of great customer testimonials & 5-star Google reviews
  • We’ve been around since 1992

Ready to get started?

Ready to book in a confetti cannon hire? Getting started is simple – just complete our easy online form below. Pricing can also be found on the form, as it depends on what options you’re after.

If you’ve got a question about our Brisbane confetti cannon hire, why not try our confetti cannon hire FAQ towards the end of this page – or contact us & we’ll be happy to assist.

Brisbane Confetti Cannon Hire

Confetti Cannon Booking Form

Please complete the form below to book-in a confetti cannon hire.

Contact details

Cannon & Confetti Specifications

All pricing includes GST.

The confetti cannon machine is what holds and fires the confetti cartridges.

You will need at least 1 cartridge per cannon. Each cannon can hold 2 cartridges - but these can be fired either at the same time, or separately at different times.

You can choose multiple colours to create a custom mix, too! Note that custom colours & mixes generally require 3 business days notice to prepare.

Event details

Pricing is TBA (depending on postcode) - but as a guide is generally around $77 per direction for less than three cannons, or $110 per direction for 3 or more cannons.

If you have any other notes or comments to add, please let us know

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A few notes...

  1. After submitting this form, I realise that Big Budda Boom will invoice me or the nominated company for the hire, as per the information which I have requested on & via this form.
  2. I understand that a holding deposit applies, which will be refunded upon return of the cannons & roadcases in their original, working order.
  3. I agree that nothing is reserved or booked for me or the nominated company until payment has been made.
  4. I realise that custom colour mixes generally require 3 business days notice.

Got a question?

Not sure about something relating to our Brisbane confetti cannon hire? Click below to call, or drop us a quick text on 0412 630 064.

"Hired a Confetti Cannon for our NYE countdown. Delivery was quick and simple, set up was effortless and outcome was amazing! Highly recommend!"
Olivia P
Sixteen Antlers Rooftop Bar
"We hired the confetti cannon for our staff awards night to highlight our main award winner and add a bit of glitz to our event. It was a last minute arrangement and I wasn’t sure if they could help, but the team at Budda Boom got back to me within a few hours of my enquiry and within 24 hours everything was done. Very professional crew, I would definitely use their service again."
Donna F
Easts Leagues Club
"The confetti cannons were fabulous. So easy to setup & use and they made the first dance spectacular! Thank you so much."
Mandy F
BBB Confetti Cannon Hirer
The confetti cannons were fabulous. So easy to setup & use and they made the first dance spectacular! Thank you so muc
Melanie O
Dance Orbit Performing Arts Academy
"Wow, the confetti cannons were awesome, thank you!"
Bob H
Cleveland Community Church

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Please refer to our booking form above - as it differs based on the options you select.

Are they easy to setup & operate?

Yes! An instruction guide is supplied with the cannon and setup generally takes only a few minutes.

The cannons can be fired using a supplied remote control, or using the DMX protocol if preferred (your staging tech will know what this means).

Can you do custom colour mixes?

Yes, although there is an additional cost and preparation time. Refer to the booking form for more details.

What type of confetti do you use?

We use standard mylar confetti, however we can supply biodegradable paper confetti for outdoor events upon request - though note that we generally only carry a few core colours in this confetti type.

Of course, paper confetti is more flammable than mylar... after all, it's paper.

How many cartridges can each machine hold?

Each confetti cannon can hold two cartridges (they can be set to go off at the same time, or separately) - though they will both generally only be able to point in the same direction due to the positioning of the cartridge holder. So if you want more confetti to fall over your desired area, you may wish to order an extra cartridge per cannon.

If I hire multiple cannons, can they all go off at the same time?

Yes - they all work off the same protocol & remote control. So you can have all cannons go off at the same time simply by pressing one button on one remote control.

What's the range like?

The remote control generally works from about 50 - 75m away (depending on the area and interference).

The cartridges have a firing distance of approx. 6-8m, depending on conditions like wind or air conditioning flow.

How does payment work?

Once we receive your completed form, we’ll email you an invoice. Once paid, we will prepare your order as per the form. Our team will reach out during the process to confirm everything.

Still got questions?

Just get in touch and we’d be happy to help!