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Brisbane Audio Transfer & Conversion

Convert your audio before it's too late

The longer you wait, the more your tapes degrade

With our Brisbane audio cassette & tape conversion services, you can convert that old audio tape to CD or MP3 file. We’ve even converted MiniDisc recordings & an old answering machine recording to CD. Whatever your tape to CD and other audio conversion requirements, it’s likely we’ve got it covered.

  • Save your precious memories before it’s too late!
  • Converting to USB means your audio recordings will be forever playable (…even when CDs go out of fashion).
  • Share your audio recordings with family & friends.
  • Convert from CD, MiniDisc or audio cassette – to digital files, or CDs.

Why choose Big Budda Boom?

  • We are based in Brisbane
  • We’ve converted thousands of cassetes
  • We have heaps of great customer testimonials & 5-star Google reviews
  • We’ve been around since 1992

Ready to get started?

Ready to convert your audio cassettes with our Brisbane-based audio tape transfer service? Getting started is simple – just complete our easy online form below. Pricing can also be found on the form, as it depends on what service you’re after.

If you’ve got a question about our Brisbane audio transfer services, why not try our audio conversion FAQ towards the end of this page – or contact us & we’ll be happy to assist.

Brisbane Audio Conversion & Transfer

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Would you like your items converted to CDs, or to files that you can edit / play on your computer?

Tapes come across as one long track (per side of the tape) – as do Minidiscs (one track per disc). Did you want us to splice the single track into the original song tracks? (NB. Tracks will be named “Track01”, “Track02″… etc).


Are you providing your own USB drive / USB stick, or would you like us to provide one of sufficient size? (NB. Cost depends on amount of space required.


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Terms & Conditions

  1. I understand that unless I choose the track splicing option on the form, there will only be one “track” (per cassette or minidisc). Converting from CDs will have the original tracks that the CD had.
  2. I understand that Big Budda Boom Pty Ltd does not actively listen to tapes, CDs or minidiscs as they are being converted.
  3. I understand that Big Budda Boom Pty Ltd cannot fix glitches in the sound (if a tape, CD or minidisc contains a glitch, then so will the converted copy).
  4. I understand that Big Budda Boom Pty Ltd is not responsible for items lost in the mail or by couriers and realise that if I request an item be left somewhere by a courier, or by the postal services provider, it is not Big Budda Boom Pty Ltd’s responsibility if said item is stolen or removed. By informing Big Budda Boom Pty Ltd to mark an item as “signature not required” (or similar), I realise that the courier or postal services provider will likely leave the item somewhere on my property & that the safety & security of said item is up to me and has nothing to do with Big Budda Boom Pty Ltd, the postage services provider or the courier.
  5. I understand that Big Budda Boom Pty Ltd is not liable to provide any payment or compensation whatsoever if their studio and/or my goods are damaged due to fire, flood or any other event resulting in the destruction of my goods whilst on their premises. This includes the theft of my goods due to burglary or similar.
  6. I understand that if my tapes are older, and / or worn out, and / or dirty and they / it breaks in the machine or during transit, Big Budda Boom Pty Ltd is not, in any way, responsible for this.
  7. If you have selected courier delivery but our couriers don’t deliver to your area, we will automatically default to regular mail via Australia Post.
  8. I understand that Big Budda Boom Pty Ltd is not responsible or liable for the type of content on my tapes (refer to point about tapes not actively being watched by our staff).
  9. I understand that my goods will not be released until payment is made, cleared & settled.

Got a question?

Not sure about something relating to our audio tape transfers & Brisbane cassette conversion services? Click below to call, or drop us a quick text on 0412 630 064.

"I would absolutely recommend Big Budda Boom and their friendly service. I recently had some extremely precious music on cassette tapes (from 1998) transferred to CDs and I am thrilled with the quality and prompt service I received."
Meridith I
BBB Audio Transfer Client
"Seriously, BBB are the BBBest! The whole process went flawlessly – I reached out via their website’s contact form, they responded the same day, gave me a quote (I had three cassette tapes I wanted to digitise) and their address, sent the package, it arrived, they extracted the files (for 1990s tapes they sound GREAT), sent me a download link, and sent my package back. I hadn’t heard the tapes in at least a decade, and it was so awesome to hear them so pristinely restored. I cannot emphasise this enough: If you have some cherished older media, DO NOT WAIT – go get it digitised, and definitely go with BBB!"
Albert C
BBB Audio Transfer Client
"BBB digitised my precious, ancient audio tape from 1975, containing recordings of my grandmother telling stories. I was thrilled with the result. It sounds fantastic and I was able to have my grandmother read one of her stories to my own kids, which is something I’ve dreamed of for years! Well done – thanks Big Budda Boom!"
Barry E
BBB Audio Transfer Client

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Please refer to our booking form above - as it differs based on the services you select.

What can you convert from & to?

We can convert audio tape to CD, audio tape to MP3, audio tape to WAV, CD to CD, CD to MP3, CD to WAV… you name it!

Can I drop off my tapes?

Yes! Drop-offs are available on weekends & certain days during the week. Just select this option on the booking form when you fill it in.

Do you have an express service?

Yes, though increased charges apply. If you have an express conversion, please choose this option when filling out our booking form.

Can you do custom edits?

Yes we can – please contact us for pricing, as it’ll be specific to your requirements. We also have an audio editing page that might be of interest.

Do I get my tapes back afterwards?

Absolutely - although from time to time, we have had clients ask us not to return them since they had no way of playing them anyway. It’s up to you!

How does payment work?

Once we receive your tapes, we’ll start converting them and email you an invoice. Once the conversion is finished, and the invoice is paid, your items will be dispatched.

Can you convert from vinyl?

Not at this stage - sorry!

Can you repair a broken tape?

Most of the time, yes. If the physical magnetic tape has ‘snapped’. then we will often attempt a repair at a small additional fee. However, it depends on the amount of damage and where the break is - so each tape is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Still got questions?

Just get in touch and we’d be happy to help!