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Storman Facility Map Integration

Storman Cloud integration

Provide real-time unit availability to storers

Perfect for small, unstaffed or automated self storage facilities, our real-time unit map allows storers to visually see where units are located.

Whether for accessibility purposes, or a desire to be near a driveway for easy access, the live map lets storers view unit locations & availability to select one that suits their needs.

Availability, numbering and other unit data all comes from Storman Cloud, so it’s kept up to date in real-time. Storers can then use the Storman Online Bookings facility to book a unit of their choice.

What it does

  • Allows storers to view real-time unit availability & positions
  • Vacant units can be clicked, to go directly to the booking page for that unit
  • Displays in a 2D / top-down style map
  • Unit status colours can be adjusted
  • The on-screen sizes are relative and to scale with one another (eg. a 2 meter wide unit is half the size of a 4 meter wide unit)
  • Supports multiple floors / levels (storers can click tabs to view other levels)
  • Data displayed on a unit can include the unit size or category name, the dimensions, the unit number, status and more

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Works with Storman

This is one of several plug-ins that works with Storman Cloud; the leading management software for the self storage industry. You can explore our other self storage website & Storman plug-ins via our self storage section homepage.